The VoCALL 5 (EFVCC5) is a Fire Alarm System ideal for smaller installations which require up to 5 outstations or Emergency Assist Alarms. The system comprises the Compact 5 line unit which controls up to 5 outstations (Type A, Type B, Emergency Assist Alarms or in Far and Middle East applications jack plates).

The EFVCC5 is a standalone unit containing the systems master handset, power supply and connectivity for the 5 outstations. 20mm knockouts are provided for all system cabling and the housing is of ample size to support 2x 5Ah backup batteries (not supplied).

The unit is microprocessor controlled, but requires no on site programming; it is fitted with end of line resistors which are simply discarded when an outstation is connected making installation quick and simple.

Fire Alarm System VoCALL 5 smaller installations 5 outstations

Features and benefits

• BS5839 part 9 compliant
• Monitored handset
• Controls up to 5 outstations
• 5 line keys, 1 fault accept
• 17 status LEDs
• Surface mount panel or optional stainless steel flush mount cover
• Relay outputs
• Simple cabling, outstations connect directly into the master using 2 core radial fire rated cables
• In addition to Type A and Type B outstations the VoCALL 5 can also monitor Emergency Assist Alarms, and Jack type outstations for relevant regions.
• No programming required. The panel is fitted with end of line resistors which are discarded when an outstation or Emergency Assist Alarm is connected