The ULFX6000PR passive repeater panel, is a Fire Alarm system a cost effective system which can be programmed via its informative display to be either fully passive (display only) or semi passive (restricted system control).

When loop connected the repeater panel will display the system information text of the connected control panel and will provide a fire indication, with panel number, of any connected network control panel that has fire activation. The ULFX6000PR repeater panel does not require system programming, with the exception of local text information.

In addition to this repeater panels main menu driven 2 x 40 backlit LCD display, which provides system status information, it also has 6 supervisory LED’s (Power On, Alarm, Trouble, Supervisory, Test In Progress, and Scroll).

ULFX6000PR passive repeater panel Fire Alarm system informative display effective system


• Fully passive
• Up to 200 Repeaters can be connected to the loop
• Surface or semi-recessed mounting
• 2 x 40 backlit LCD display and 6 supervisory LED’s
• Compact size


• Menu driven easy to operate
• Simple connection to panel SLC circuit reduces wiring and time
• Distance run up to 2kms from main panel without additional cable and equipment, saving cost