The prefix “ULFX6000” is for a stand-alone panel. The prefix “ULFX6000” is for rack-mount panels that are networked within the rack.

ULFX6000 networked rack-mount panels

The various control unit models differ in the following manner:

2G or L2 4G or L4 2-Loop panel 4-Loop panel GP 2-Loop panel c/w integral printer 4GP 4-Loop panel c/w integral printer 2GNC or L2NC 4GNC or L4NC 2GPNC 4GPNC 2-Loop panel c/w network card 4-Loop panel c/w network card 2-Loop panel c/w integral printer.

network card 4-Loop panel c/w integral printer, network card Model numbers followed by suffix “RM” have a Red Metal enclosure backbox and cover.