The FX203 which is a Fire Alarm System a weatherproof version. The FX203 are compatible with the Eaton range of conventional fire systems. These conventional callpoints are attractively designed, simple to install and are supplied as standard with a frangible glass element and a test key for ease of maintenance.

A comprehensive range of accessories are available to maximise the functionality of the callpoint for particular applications.

FX203 Fire Alarm System weatherproof version conventional fire systems

Features and benefits

• Fast fit clip on front cover
• Wide range of accessories
• Heavy duty terminals
• Two models available:
– Internal
– Weatherproof
• Quick and simple to install
• Single tool for test and access
• Robust construction
• IP65 version available
• Easy to maintain/service


1. Surface callpoint has standard rear BESA fixing facilities. In addition, back box can accept top or bottom surface entry cables.
2. Callpoint has test facility via special test key to prevent unauthorised operation.
3. Insertion of test key for test purposes and for cover removal is at bottom of callpoint to facilitate ease of access when mounted next to door architrave.
4. Test key is dual function, used to test callpoint operation by simulating activation and also to allow removal of clip on cover to gain access to element.
5. Element is held in place by clip on self locking cover which can only be removed by use of a special tool (callpoint test key).
6. Separate zone in and zone out terminals are provided for all connections.
7. Surface/flush callpoints are IP24D, weatherproof is IP65.