Eaton’s Conventional and BiWire Flexi control panel combines two technologies to provide a truly versatile fire safety solution. The panel can be confi gured to allow either two-wire or conventional devices to work on a zone. Each zone is individually confi gurable so a mixture of types can therefore be installed on the same system.

This provides you with the fl exibility to utilise all the time-saving benefi ts of a two-wire system with the ability to use a wide range of conventional devices, where required.

Flexi relieves the pressure of system selection. It is the perfect solution for electrical installers and distributors as it takes complexity out of the decision when specifying a fi re system. It can be wired to meet the requirements of a variety of applications and is well suited to extend an existing fi re system.

It features a straightforward, intuitive interface, providing a proven solution for simple programming and maintenance.
The BiWire Flexi fi re alarm system is certifi ed to EN54 part2 and part 4 and is designed to meet the recommendations of BS5839 part 1.

Flexi control panel two technologies safety solution


• Confi gure zone wiring to work as either a conventional or two-wire panel
• Available in 2, 4 and 8 zone variants
• Allows the connection of an existing conventional system to a BiWire system
• Compatible with two-wire and conventional EN 54-23 certifi ed visual alarm devices (VADs)


• Reduces stock-holding and enables the fi re system to adapt to the demands of the customer or application
• Simple to sell and specify, Flexi can be used in a wide variety of applications and is very simple to install
• Save time, money and effort when undertaking system extensions and upgrades
• Up-to-date with latest regulations