Eaton’s VoCALL 16 is a Fire Alarm System high specification, digital, loop driven, intelligent Emergency Voice Communication System, offering sophisticated functionality along with a simple and intuitive end user interface.

This network* version enables a system installation of up to 32 main panels (MX) and network panels (NX) in any combination (a minimum of 1 MX is required). With a maximum of 16 outstations per panel, a total system size of 512 outstations is possible

VoCALL16 is designed to ensure the simplicity of future expansion. Continuous fault monitoring and reporting ensures high availability. Extensive time stamped logs ensure ease of debugging and recording for compliance.

In combination with our range of soft addressed digital outstations and intuitive laptop configuration tool, the simplicity of operation, ease of cabling and competitive pricing makes this system suitable for a wide range of applications.

VoCALL 16 Fire Alarm System high specification loop driven intelligent Emergency Voice


• Network capacity of 512 outstations
• Up to 32 panels (main/network) in a loop
• Up to 16 digital outstations per panel
• 4 core loop configuration (two for power, two for data)
• Simple to design network
• At least one main panel is required
• Any combination of panels (MX/NX) possible
• Any combination of outstations possible
• Centrally controlled by a main panel
• Easy to install and operate
• Automatic soft addressing of panels and outstations
• PC based application for configuration
• Complex call routing is possible
• Extensive time stamped logs on SD card
• Large graphical user interface
• PIN protected user access
• Fully compliant with BS5839-9
Note:N *Networking functionality can only be accessed by trained personnel


• Fault tolerant loop wired design
• Simple drop in replacement of device possible, if needed
• Simple configuration, faster commissioning
• Easy maintenance and extensive logging
• Superior audio quality
• Simple and intuitive operation
• Centrally controlled network architecture
• Full range of compatible outstations
• Appealing look with flush mount options
• Quick and simple identification of device in use
• Secure access for standard users


• Panel has facility for 10 users with access profiles set during commissioning for example user, supervisor and engineer.
• Supervisor and engineer modes can only be accessed via the relevant PIN codes.
• Users can be configured to receive, make and reset a call, viewfault / event / call log, functions, view panel version, accept system faults, set date/time etc.
• The unit has digital audio transmission and automatic volume control to optimize clarity of communication between outstation and main panel.
• Engineer mode allows alteration to the system configuration such as change all PINs, panel settings, site name, panel name relay settings, addition or removal of outstations.
• VoCALL16 is designed to ensure simplicity of future expansion up to 16 outstations.
• In the event of an external short circuit occurring the system will operate the integral short circuit isolators on the devices nearest to each side of the short.

User interface

• The main element of the user interface is a large 100mm x 40mm display that provides comprehensive user information which, along with the large tactile standard mechanical keypad, allows for ease of operation in an emergency situation even with gloved hands.

• In addition to the graphical user interface there are 16 numbered LEDs to provide instant clear indication as to which outstation is calling even to an untrained user unfamiliar with the operation of the unit.