905 Room Controller is an Intercall Nurse call designed to support up to 15 Touch Bus Devices. The Touch Room Controller requires a connection

Bus Output Terminals

Two sets of Bus Output terminals are provided in parallel. Caution Observe Polarity when connecting to these terminals.

Ethernet POE

The Touch Room Controller requires a connection to the Local Area Network using this RJ45 socket. The device is powered from POE (Power-Over-Ethernet) and is compliant with IEEE802.3af Class 0.

LCD and Buttons

The integral LCD menu for essential Ethernet settings is controlled via the two menu buttons, OK and MENU.

LCD Menu

The LCD menu is used to provide essential settings. Use the MENU button to advance to the next item and the OK button to action it. IP Address

Displays the current IP Address of the controller, this may be manually assigned by the engineer or the IP Address allocated to the controller by the DHCP Server. Serial No

Displays the Serial Number of the Controller which is also the MAC Address. Bus Volts
Displays a snapshot of the DC Voltage Level at the Controller Bus Terminals. Bus Current

Displays a snapshot of the DC Current load at the Controller Bus Terminals. Free Entry Space
Displays the available capacity in the controller SD Card. Firmware Version

Displays the version of Controller Firmware. Build Date

Displays the Build Date of the Firmware only. Full Reset

Press OK to restart the Controller. Important: This will not perform a reset to the Touch Bus Devices.

905 Room Controller Intercall Nurse call 15 Touch Bus Devices Room Controller

Factory Default

There is an additional menu which allows the unit to be reset to the Factory Default Settings. To access this menu, reset the unit and, while the unit is initialising, Press and Hold down the MENU key, the first item on the menu will appear.

Press the Menu button to skip each item or press the OK button to perform the displayed action. Caution Formatting the Disk will remove all user configuration.

Installation Guides SD Fault LED (Red)

When lit there is a fault with the datalog SD Card. Note this LED will be lit when the SD Card is not in use. DC OK LED (Green)

Indicates the 12VDC voltage is within limits. BUS LED (Blue)

Flashing to indicate BUS polling.

3.18.5 Auxiliary Connections

Auxiliary Terminals provide access to the inputs and outputs. 12V Terminals

Power-Over-Ethernet derived 12V DC Voltage Output. Caution: Available current is shared with Touch Bus Devices. Maximum Total = 11Watts @ 12Volts. RL Terminals

Programmable Volt Free relay output. Caution: Solid state relay, Contacts On- Resistance; 1-10 Ohms, Contact Rating; Maximum 24Volts DC 200mA (0,2A) Important Not suitable for inductive loads. OV Terminal_2

On-board OV common rail.

3.18.6 Size & Weight

The unit is supplied in a surface mounting self contained enclosure Size: WOXHOXD0mm. Weight 00Kg