The CF50016 conventional control panel is a 16 zone panel. The panel features an array of user friendly features. The attractive flush or surface mountable plastic enclosure, with metal back box, has been designed through intensive voice of the customer research to provide ample space for termination of cables.

The CF50016 comes with a zonal relay card as standard allowing outputs to be switched on a by zone basis.

Features and benefits

• Zonal relay card as standard
• One man test facility
• Non latching zone feature
• Class change input
• Fire and fault relays
• Discreet enclosure
• Supplied complete with
battery for 24 hour standby

CF50016 conventional control panel 16 zone panel surface mountable

System functionality

1. Normal and supervisor mode facility. Supervisor mode protected by 4 digit PIN.
2.Supervisor mode provides access to test mode, where a one shot weekly test facility can be initiated by the user.
3.Commissioning walk test feature permits the system to be easily tested after installation and prior to handover.
4.Supervisor mode also provides facility to disable the following for maintenance or other purposes:
• Each detection zone independently
• The alarm circuits
5.Non-latching zone facility is available as standard and can be programmable via Dil switches located on the display board.

Detection capacity

1. Up to 30 detectors per zone. End of line monitoring devices must re supplied as standard.
2.Detector circuits are monitored for open circuit, short circuit and detector removal.

Alarm capacity

1. Four separate alarm lines – 400mA maximum load per line.
2.Alarm lines are monitored for open circuit and short circuit faults.