ULMCOM-UL micro single channel output unit an extensive range of interfaces are available to support the Eaton range of UL intelligent addressable control panels, providing solutions for most design requirements.

The UL single channel output unit (ULMCOM) is an extremely compact unit ideal for incorporation in to external equipment and suitable for switching low voltages (24V dc at 1A maximum).

This unit incorporates a set of non latching relay contacts and is suitable for switching HVAC control circuits, plant shutdown control circuits, fire door closure etc. The ULMCOM is identified by the panel as an input / output unit, with a maximum of 20 units permitted per loop.

ULMCOM - UL micro single channel output unit intelligent addressable

Features and benefits

• Soft addressed
• Integral short circuit isolator
• Single address
• Non latching changeover relay contacts
• Suitable for switching low volts control gear
• Optional variant: ULMCOM-S
• Quick and simple to install
• No hard addressing required (plug and play)
• Compact size

Optional variant

The ULMCOM-S is identified by the panel as a sounder, that resets on both silence and panel reset. The maximum number of ULMCOM-S units per loop is 60,
and is counted towards the total number of sounders on the loop.