The Isolator is an Intercall Nurse call which used to protect the output from the Controller and limits the current available to the radials and Devices. The Bus cable connects to the Input and provides four current limited outputs for connection the the Radial cables and on to the Devices. There is a through terminal which allows the Bus cable to continue to the next Isolator as required.

Input Terminals

There are two sets of green terminals which accept the Bus cable from the Controller and allow it to pass through onto the next Isolator as required. The terminals are linked together within the Isolator.

Output Terminals

There are 4 sets of output terminals to connect the Radial cables to the Devices. The connectors may be unplugged without removing the cables simplifying fault finding. Caution: Observe Polarity when making these connections !

Output Protection Fuses

Each output is current limited with an individual fuse. Fuse Rating: 1 Amp Anti- Surge/Slow Blow.

The Isolator Intercall Nurse call the Controller radials and Devices


Front Panel LEDs

The front Panel LEDs indicate Green for Bus Heath and Red for a fault on the individual outputs.


Flush or surface mount into standard ‘double sized’ electrical back box provided by others or ordered separately.

3.10.6 Size and Weight

The unit is supplied as a flush mounted plate. Size: W148mm x H88mm x D35mm Weight: 110g. Required Backbox: Double Gang minimum depth 25mm