4 Door Panel/ Software Kit With Proximity Readers

RBH-URC-2004-FR360N Kit it’s an access control system which having Multi-swipe Functionality, Distributive Processing, Built in Clock and Connect via Serial Port, USB or Ethernet

Network per PC:

32 (TCP/IP Ethernet or RS-485, supervised)

Controllers per Network:


Communication Between Controllers:

Supervised RS-485


Programmable 9.6-56 Kbps


4,000ft (1,200m)

Cable Type:

18 AWG, 2 conductor, twisted, shielded

Cards per Panel:

3,000 (up to ten digit card numbers)

Access Levels per Panel:

3,000 (one per card per panel)

Site Codes per Panel:

10 (site code programming is not mandatory)

Offline Transactions Buffer:

3,000 FIFO, command and alarm priority

Access Points (Readers/Keypads):

4 (Red, Green LED and Buzzer control)


Max 500 ft (150m)

Cable Type:

20-22 AWG, 6 or 8 conductor, shielded

Simultaneous Card Formats per Panel:

5 Wiegand or Clock & Data

Programmable Supervised Inputs:


Input Supervision:

Four state monitoring (1 or 2 resistors)


Max 1,000ft (300m)

Cable Type:

20-22 AWG, 2 conductor

Programmable Outputs:

4 SPDT 5A @ 30 VDC, dry contacts

4 Electronic drivers, 12 VDC max, 100 mA

Output Mode:

Programmable Fail Safe/ Fail Secure

Enclosure Size and Weight:

W/L/H 12” x 14” x 3.25”, Kit with readers 12 lbs.

Power Requirements:

16.5 VAC, 40 VA transformer (not included)

Recommended Back-up Battery:

12 V, 7 AH lead, acid or gel cell (not included)

URC-2004-FR360N access control system Multi-swipe Functionality Distributive Processing


• (2) 2 Door Access Control Panels
• Mounted on a 19” Rackmount Plate
• Multi-swipe Functionality
• Distributive Processing, Built in Clock
• Connect via Serial Port, USB or Ethernet
• Flash Upgradeable Firmware
• 3,000 Cardholders & Access Levels
• 5 Card Formats per Panel Simultaneously
• Automation Links, Anti-Passback, Etc…
• Easy to use Cardholder Database
• Comprehensive Reports

Included in RBH-URC-2004-FR360N kit:

(2) Door Panels (Internet/LAN ready)
(4) Supervised Programmable Inputs
(4) Programmable Outputs
(4) Proximity Readers (Range 3-5”)
(64) Door Software (Unlimited Sites)
(10) Full Function Client Licenses

Compatible Software Modules:

RBH-IRC-BB Integrated PhotoID Module
RBH-IRC-BIO Fully Integrated Biometric
Fingerprint Module
RBBH-IRC-VM Visitor Management
RBH-IRC-CCTV DVR Integration Suite
RBH-IRC-DT Database Transfer Wizard
RBH-IRC-WEB Web Client

Compatible Panels:

RBH-IRC-2000 2-Door Controllers
RBH-URC-2002 4-Door Controllers
RBH-URC-2003 2-Door Controllers for 19” Rack
RBH-URC-2005 4-Door Controllers for 19” Rack
RBH-URC-2008 Elevator Controller