MDP201 it’s a Fire Alarm System, Its Duct width range is 300mm to 1500mm, Duct air speed range 1m/s to 20m/s and Temperature range -20°C or +60°C

The duct mounting probe unit is designed for use with the Cooper, Menvier and JSB range of analogue and conventional optical smoke
sensors / detectors. The presence of smoke in a ventilation duct is detected by sampling the airflow through the duct via two sampling tubes.

A detector and base are mounted within the sampling chamber, which is located on the external skin of the duct, with sample and exhaust probes passing into the duct in an area of low turbulence. The unit requires an analogue optical sensor or conventional optical detector and corresponding base and is supplied with full fixing instructions.

MDP201 Fire Alarm Duct width range Duct air speed Temperature range

Selecting Location

To avoid excessive turbulence, the duct probe should be placed in a straight section of duct at a distance from any bends of least three duct widths. If the duct has several extraction points that combine into one duct the duct probe sensitivity will be reduced, it is recommended therefore, that each duct is fitted with its own duct probe.


A small hole fitted with a plug is on the exhaust side of the duct probe so that smoke can be used to check the detector is operational without removing the lid. ENSURE THE PLUG IS REFITTED AFTER TESTING.


The duct probe should be checked regularly to ensure there is no build-up of dirt. If dirt etc has accumulated in the sampling unit then the detector should be removed from the duct probe and the tubes, elbows etc, cleaned