The L748 Large LED Display – clearly read at 5 Metres plus

The L748 Large LED Display is an Intercall Nurse call ideal where calls need to be clearly displayed. The L748 can be used in several environments including hospital wards, doctors surgeries, health centres and nursing homes. The L748 displays call information with sixteen illuminated characters which can be read at several metres under normal conditions.

All incoming calls are numbered allowing staff to prioritize their response and an integral alarm attracts attention while indicating the current alarm priority. The sounder may be configured in a variety of ways to suit the unit’s location.

When there are no active calls the L748 can be configured to show a fixed message in the same way as the standard displays.

L748 Large LED Intercall Nurse call clearly displayed several environments

Compatible with the Intercall 600 and Intercall 700 systems, the unit may be used to supplement the standard display units, or as the only type of display
fitted on a system. For intercom speech installations, a standard Intercall 700 display will be required to operate the intercom function.

Operation of the unit is similar to the standard LCD units, with the queue position of each call clearly shown on the left. Emergency and Attack calls are highlighted on the display to show the higher priority while outstanding normal, assistance and priority calls are retained in memory and shown once the higher priority calls are dealt with.

All in all, the L748 is a very useful addition to any Intercall system to complement the standard LCD Display.

L748 Large LED Intercall Nurse call clearly displayed several environments

technical specification

Suitable for wall mounting, the L748 measures; Width 900mm, Height 93mm and Depth 35mm, with red illuminated character size of 60mm x 40mm. The unit is supplied with a mounting bracket to be fixed to the wall before the L748 is attached, permitting a simple and straight-forward installation.

The L748 features an integral menu structure which is used to configure the visual alarms, zoning, alarm options and quiescent display functionality.

A separate power supply suitable for 90-240V AC/DC input, provides power to the L748 via a standard low voltage DC power connector and the Intercall network connection is made via a moulded two metre RJ11 lead. Both items are supplied complete with the L748