L717 Budget Power Supply Unit is an Intercall Nurse call may be used with smaller Intercall 700 & Intercall 600 systems and the unit provides power and data signals for the network devices and stores the text programming information & when this is customised, it will need to be downloaded to any new display, call logger or pager interface installed on the system at a later date. The L717 is programmed using the LIMK Limkit programming kit and software which plugs into the connector on the right shown below. The system functions are configured using the DIP Switches on the L717.


The L617 600 Series Power Supply is still available for maintaining earlier Intercall 600 systems as you cannot replace the L617 with a L717 without ensuring all network devices are 600/700 compatible. Generally speaking, Intercall 600 devices manufactured after 2003/2004 are compatible with the L717.

L717 Budget Power Supply Unit Intercall Nurse call Intercall 600 systems
Mains Terminals:

220-240VAC @ 20W (Max)

Required Battery:

12v, 1.9/2.1/2.4 Ah sealed lead acid battery. OBSERVE POLARITY!

Output Terminals (+-):

Three parallel pairs provided for convenience, connect to network devices.

LIM Connector:

Connects to LIM for system text programming.

Configuration Switches:

See page 70 for a complete list of DIL switch settings.

Day/Night Terminals:

By connecting a switch between these two terminals you can switch the
between the two volume levels set-up on the displays. (See Pages 28)

Download Button:

Press & hold for 10 seconds, then release, to download text to LCD displays.

Reset Pins:

If shorted, resets the power supply and cancels all calls active on the system.

Mains Failure Alarm:

Beeps every 3 seconds when no mains supply is present.

Red Led:

Flashes, indicating unit is operating correctly.

Yellow Led:

Indicates AC is present and transformer is operating.

Green Led:

Indicates 12volt DC supply is present and fuse is intact

Onboard Fuse:

1Amp 20mm protection for power supply & battery.


Self Contained Surface Mounted Case.

Size & Weights:

225 x 180 x 90 mm, 1400g