Intercall One Brochure it’s an Intercall Nurse call installed on the robust Intercall wired framework, to offer a system upgrade with the minimum of disruption, the interconnected call points supply unrivalled reliability, assisting in the smooth running of the care facility.

We are driven by a vocation to develop innovative solutions to support the care sector

We call this considered innovation Intercall is a UK manufacturer of nurse call systems, deployed in healthcare facilities in the UK and around the world for over 30 years. We employ continuous research and development in order to improve performance and reduce our carbon footprint, investing in low power technology and the use of antibacterial materials.

Silent Alarm

Reduced patient alarm fatigue with mobile message integration.

Cloud Data Logging

Record system events, retrieve and create reports. The Intercall data logging system provides accurate performance data, helping health care managers make informed decisions, while reassuring patients and their families of high care standards.

Mobile Solutions

Residents and patients can be confident in their movements as the Intercall network will instantly report their call location.

Simple Secure Installation

Using the reliable 2 wire infrastructure, systems can be easily installed for new builds or upgraded for renovations with a minimum amount of disruption.

Nurse Call Panels

Intercall produce a variety of audio-visual display aids to meet the individual requirements and needs of each care facility.
Using the latest in low power LCD technology, the alarm panel features a crystal-clear backlit call display with user controls to scroll nurse call activity clearly in order of alert level and receipt.

Indicator Lights

LED Over Door Lights provide an instant visual aid to nursing staff for alerts and calls from patient rooms. Located outside patient rooms and along corridors, the Over Door Light provides clear visual status and improved awareness of the alert.

Intercall One Brochure Intercall Nurse call robust Intercall wired framework system upgrade


Eco LED Technology
Everlasting low power high intensity multi-colour LED’s are used to clearly identify alert priority in an area.
Follow Me Light
Indicator Lights can be paired to multiple call points to indicate the highest active call and direct caring staff to the call location.
An optional sounder can be activated to provide an audible as well as visual alert to meet toilet alarm system standards.

Nurse Call Aids

Our range of call points are ideal for use in care environments as the main communication points for staff, patients or residents, whether positioned alongside the bed or in more general areas.
Operating discreetly in the background, they act as a room hub pairing with mobile pendant devices, allowing residents
to move around with confidence.

The addressable call points feature easy to use tactile buttons to generate a patient alert in the first instance, from comfortable mobile pendants to lightweight wired pear leads connected via a universal jack socket.
Upon call attendance, nursing staff can enable the call point to generate priority call levels requesting assistance and support from nursing colleagues.

Access Point

The Access Point is a simple, cost effective, contactless ID security system.
Using the latest NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, the Access Control Point allows hospitals and care facilities to manage access to sensitive and restricted areas.

Connect: Cloud & Data

Intercall has developed a data log system that automatically records all calls, alerts and responses.
With the capacity to log over 100 million events, the Intercall data log is an indispensable management tool for modern care providers.
The secure Intercall Cloud service enables care managers to evaluate the number of calls, types of calls and response times to help make informed management decisions.


Intercall produce a range of standard nurse call accessories to match the Intercall One range of equipment, as well as provide simple integration methods to other assistive care devices available in the market.

Address Module

Provides simple integration techniques to connect to third party devices to generate an event on the nurse call system.

Wearable Neck Pendant

A stylish mobile call device paired to the nurse call system, comfortably worn around the neck with safety breakaway cord, providing discreet, reassuring confidence to the user, free to enjoy life.

Antibacterial Pull Cord

Often located in a toilet or bathroom, the ceiling mounted pull cord has two adjustable loops for setting the pull cord height at different levels and an anti-ligature breakaway cord for safety.

Pear Lead

A simple individual call button that is wired to a Call Point. Its durable clip fastens securely to sheets or bedclothes, ensuring that it is always within easy reach, particularly important for people with restricted movement.

Passive Infra-Red Detector

Silently detects, records and monitors resident movement.

Care Card

Providing a contactless call response, care management teams can assign care staff ID cards with individual user name and access level, proving excellent all round care.