Intercall 700 is an Intercall Nurse call. Safety and security are the most important requirements of every modern nursing home or hospital. Patients and residents need as much freedom and independence as possible; and care managers need the reassurance that they can respond to any event quickly, efficiently and effectively

The most advanced system on the market

The Intercall 700 system builds on over 20 years of specialisation in nursecall systems to give you one of the most flexible and comprehensive care management systems in the world.

It offers a wide range of easy-to-use triggering devices for the patient or resident. It offers complete event recording facilities for the care manager or estate manager. In addition, the 700 System can normally be installed directly into an existing wiring system, keeping disruption to an absolute minimum

The simplest system on the market

The 700 System audio call points feature hands-free two-way speech with an audio page facility, configurable emergency ‘crash call’ button and ten levels of call including ‘priority’ and ‘attack’.

the Intercall system gives you all the options

The Intercall 700 system gives you all the options to configure a system to your exact needs:

■ Designed to grow as your needs do – enables you to provide the highest standards of care, both now and in the future.
■ Full event details for the carer – all event data can be downloaded into a pc for future reference and reports.
■ Hands-free two-way audio communication – enables you to reassure the patient while help is on its way.
■ Multi-level alarms – enabling you to prioritise every call instantly.
■ Page facility transmits from all call points – enables all staff to be contacted simultaneously.
■ All call units are software controlled – so you can reconfigure resident and room descriptions at any time.
■ Printers and alphanumeric pagers can be connected – for permanent printed records and staff can be kept up to date with any event, wherever they are.
■ Infra red trigger option – allows calls to be made from anywhere the resident goes
■ Wide range of accessories – including breath switches, pressure mats, water-resistant air switches and pear leads.
■ Trouble-free installation – every Intercall 700 unit has been designed for fast, simple installation.
■ Ongoing support – your Intercall 700 system will be installed by highly trained engineers, and of course we provide long-term back up throughout the life of your system.

Intercall 700 is the most comprehensive nursecall system we have ever developed. It is based on over 20 years experience from the UK’s only specialist manufacture of nursing home and hospital call systems

Intercall 700 Intercall Nurse call Safety and security modern nursing home

quality that’s built in – not bolted on

Giving you all the options:

audio call point –

features seven levels of priority calls, hands-
free two-way intercom, integral
infra red receiver, audio page facilities and call-follower sounder.

standard call point –

for use where intercom facility is not required. Features integral infra-red receiver and call follower sounder.

door monitoring point –

protects fire doors, entrance and exit doors and other sensitive areas. 20-second exit timer with audible bleep to prevent
sensitive doors being left open.

portable infra red receiver –

to enable residents to call from anywhere in the room without the need for trailing leads.

audio display unit –

provides call information with built-in sounder, call accept, staff location and intercom facilities.

call/display unit –

combines the features of the speech call point with a built-in display, enabling staff to talk to other callers elsewhere on the system.

overdoor light –

for outside room or end of corridor indication as “follow me” lights. Also available with integral sounder.

call management software –

records all system activity allowing management analysis of patient care and staff performance.

Intercall 700 security and peace of mind for care homes and hospitals

because of the system’s inherent flexibility, you can easily add extra call points, display units and a wide range of additional features as and when you need them

The requirements placed on care environments seem to increase relentlessly. Whatever their disability, the elderly or infirm need easy-to-use and understand alarm activators.

The Intercall 700 system is designed to provide maximum freedom and ease of use for the elderly or unwell, plus a simple and reliable information system that gives complete control over the entire premises – and a full audit trail of every event.

Complete flexibility to adapt to changing requirements

The Intercall 700 system has been designed to offer total flexibility of configuration, making it the ideal solution whatever the individual requirements of the home or hospital. Furthermore, because of the system’s inherent flexibility, you can easily add extra call points
It provides hands-free two-way speech facilities between all audio units, with ten levels of call priority, and the CMS Lite Call Management software enables you to store all Intercall activities on a standard personal computer.

Intercall The UK’s best selling nursecall system

For over 20 years, Intercall systems have been providing professional solutions to help nursing homes and hospitals manage patient care on a 24-hour day-to-day basis.

Every Intercall system and product is the result of our in-depth association with literally thousands of locations – learning first-hand what care managers and estate managers expect from nursecall systems.