The conventional remote indicator (FX251D) is  a Fire Alarm System designed to provide discreet remote indication, whilst providing the ability to monitor a detector. The FX251D is compatible with the Eaton range of conventional fire systems.

The remote indicator is ideal for applications such as void spaces or outside locked or inaccessible rooms to provide indication of the activation of an automatic detector.

The device is supplied complete with back box and is surface mounted.

FX251D conventional remote indicator Fire Alarm discreet remote indication

Features and benefits

• High visibility LED
• Fits on to a standard single gang back box
• Aesthetically pleasing
• Quick and simple to install
• Wide viewing angle for increased LED visibility
• Discreet design for incorporation into any decor
• Easy to maintain/service


1. Mounting plate fixes to single gang back box or can be direct fixed to wall or ceiling.
2. Cable entry is normally from rear but breakouts are provided in side of base plate.
3. Cables connect to terminals on PCB within base plate.
4. Front cover is pushed onto base plate and locks in place. System functionality
1. FX251D is connected to an individual detector.
2. FX251D activates if detector is triggered.
3. LED cancels when detector is reset.
4. Low current consumption