ULMIU872-UL micro zone monitor unit is an extremely compact unit ideal for incorporation in external equipment, it is a single zone input unit, soft addressed
and incorporates integral short circuit isolators.

It is suitable for interfacing a zone of up to 20 Eaton UL conventional detectors onto a Eaton UL intelligent addressable control panel. It will operate with any Eaton UL conventional detector in configuration with the UL conventional base (CB2E).

ULMIU872-UL micro zone monitor unit single zone input

Features and benefits

• Soft addressed
• Integral short circuit isolator
• Single address
• Accepts a zone of Eaton UL conventional detectors
• Input monitored for open and short ground trouble
• Quick and simple to install
• No hard addressing required (plug and play)
• Compact size
• Easy to expand a system using existing wiring


1. Fit the unit in position in accordance to the mounting details.
2. Connect the unit according to standard connections.
3. Up to 3 units can be fitted inside a micro module box unit.


Normal standby / alarm / alarm test /alarm Silence / alarm reset / trouble /trouble silence / Off normal position of switches