ULMCIM-UL micro single channel input unit is a single input, soft addressed micro interface, incorporating integral short circuit isolators. It is extremely compact and therefore ideal for incorporation into other equipment.

It is designed for applications requiring the monitoring of a set of normally open, volt free contacts such as sprinkler system flow switches, auxiliary panel fire/fault signals as well as non fire input signals such as flow valve open contacts, generator start up, fire door closed etc.

ULMCIM-UL micro single channel input unit soft addressed single input

Features and benefits

• Soft addressed
• Integral short circuit isolator
• Single address
• Suitable for monitoring: flow switches / non fire inputs / auxillary panels
• Optional variant: ULMCIM-C
• Quick and simple to install
• No hard addressing required (plug and play)
• Compact size

Optional variant

The ULMCIM-C is designed for use with Eaton’s pull stations and is identified by the panel as a pull station. Therefore, up to 200 can be connected to the loop (ULMCIM maximum is 200 per loop).