UL FX 330 Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) for the Model 330 Temperature Controller and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) of electronic equipment is a growing concern worldwide.

Emissions of and immunity to electromagnetic interference is now part of the design and manufacture of most electronics. To qualify for the CE mark, the Model 330 meets or exceeds the generic requirements of the European EMC directive 89/336/EEC. The instrument was tested under normal operating conditions with sensor and interface cables attached. If the installation and operating instructions in the User’s Manual are followed, there should be no degradation in EMC performance.

UL FX 330 Electromagnetic Compatibility Temperature Controller
Pay special attention to instrument cabling. Improperly installed cabling may defeat even the best EMC protection. For the best performance from any precision instrument, follow the grounding and shielding instructions in the User’s Manual. In addition, the installer of the Model 330 should consider the following:

  • Leave no unused or unterminated cables attached to the instrument.
  • Make cable runs as short and direct as possible.
  • Do not tightly bundle cables that carry different types of signals.
  • Add the clamp-on ferrite filter (part number 109-053) included with the connector kit to the serial interface cable near the instrument rear panel when that interface is used.