Connected to VAC 2006 drives up to 6 zones with external power amp

The VAR 2006 router is a sound system the best solution for the sound systems with a very interesting compromise between price and performance, it can drive up to 6 zones with external power amplifiers (MPA5000 range) to a maximum of 1000W.

  • Each output line consists of 2 speaker circuits (A & B) in order to guarantee the complete area coverage also in case of one loudspeaker circuit failure. The maximum system configuration includes 6 controllers connected to 36 routers (6 for each VAIE 2250) for a total of 216 zones.

VAR 2006 sound system router

  • The router can be used with power signals (amplifier 100V output).  Two different configurations are possible: in the first one you can connect 2 amplifiers (one for music and one for speech); in the second configuration it is possible to manage 2 voice amplifiers (3 zones each) and one music amplifier.
  • In any case all connected amplifiers are constantly monitored and the music one can be also used as backup: in case of a failure it automatically replaces the voice amplifier.