EFMDSMLON LON Fiber Adaptor Multi Drop

The LONWORKS Fiber Optic Adaptor uses the fiber cable as its transmission medium and utilizes Optical Fiber modulation/demodulation technology to change the electric medium into a light medium transmission.

The LONWORKS Fiber Optic Adaptor product eliminates many of the disadvantages of copper cable. Examples of these disadvantages are EMI/RFI, ground loops (electrical isolation with fiber), high attenuation (high signal loss), short transmission distance between nodes of a system, and potential damaged caused by lightning.The plug-and-play design ensures ease of installation with no electrical or optical adjustment needed. LED indicators are provided to show the operational status of the unit clearly

LONWORKS Fiber Optic Adaptor transmission medium utilizes Optical Fiber modulation/demodulation

Features and benefits

• Compatible with Eaton LON Network
• Plug and play
• LED indicators provide quick diagnosis of all important system parameters
• Extended distance up to 20km


1. Switch off all power supply before installation.
2. Connect the local “TX” Fiber Optic to the remote “RX” Fiber Optic, the local “RX” to the remote “TX”. And ensure that fiber is properly aligned to the receiving connector.
Note: Installation and commissioning should only be carried out by engineers that have completed Eaton’s advanced networking training.