The Intercall IP250 is an Intercall Nurse call. A Desk Mount Telephone Display for the Nursecall system, which communicates to the call system over the TCP/IP Network via VoIP (Voice Over IP).

The Intercall IP250 provides an audible and visual indication for all incoming calls from both speech and non speech devices. Each call is accepted by picking up the receiver, should a non-speech unit call the user is prompted to press “1” to accept the call.

Intercall IP250 Intercall Nurse call A Desk Mount Telephone Display system over the TCP/IP

Calls are shown in order of priority and receipt. Staff must still attend the point of call to perform reset.

The Intercall IP250 has the facility to dial individual audio call points, opening a speech path to the patients’ rooms. This feature brings huge benefits to care staff, allowing a quick and easy method of communication to either residents or members of staff at that location.

Ideally the IP250 phone would be located at a central point such as a Nurse Station, manager’s office, staff area, or wherever this type of device is required. The IP250 works perfectly as a package integrated with the YAAM graphical display.

The IP250 has its own embedded web page allowing bespoke configuration for your carehome or hospital, such as custom ring tones, call types, zoning, speed dials to your most popular locations, adjustable volume control and integration with DECT phones. Finally with additional equipment the IP250 can be
connected to your PABX and operate as a normal telephone.

Intercall IP

The Evolution of Nursecall

■ 1st generation – Bell and Buzzer electrical system – circa
1950’s inspired Florence Nightingale’s 1860 system of
telling a patient to “ring the bell if you need me”.
■ 2nd generation – Microprocessor based system –
circa 1980’s
■ 3rd generation – 21st century internet software based
systems enabling integration into modern IP based systems.

Modern Challenges

■ The demand for healthcare services is dramatically increasing
■ Rising Operational costs and tight budgets
■ Growth in consumer driven healthcare
■ Improve Quality of Care
■ Provide access to the right information at the right time
■ Boost productivity whilst improving patient safety

IP Healthcare and Security Communications

■ The Healthcare & Security industries are demanding solutions using TCP/IP based systems to provide better integration between medical device, network IT and Nursecall / Life Safety systems.
The worldwide adoption of this technology combined with the ability to communicate over wired and wireless mediums, has made TCP/IP the obvious platform for future development
■ What is TCP/IP? Transmission Control Protocol / Internet Protocol –the basic communication language or protocol of the internet.
Information is broken down into small packets and transmitted around the network or internet, which allows for data to be transferred quickly and efficiently.
■ Why TCP/IP? Provides a Common network for new devices designed to move away from proliferation of independently designed private networks for legacy systems.

Intercall Remote Access

■ Monitor call system activity remotely from a remote location

■ VPN connection created by the clients IT department, allows connection between head office and the individual facility.

■ The remote data can be uploaded and analysed in real time

IP Product Range Development

■ IP250 Intercall Proprietary VOIP Phone

■ IP Dot matrix 3 colour Corridor Displays

■ Bespoke Yaam GUI (Graphical User Interface) Software

■ Dect Communication