M12X4 is a sound system mixer preamplifier with 12 inputs and 4 outputs. The inputs are 4 mic/line with Combo type Neutrik connectors, XLR balanced micro inputs and stereo jack for the balanced line input with 0.775V sensitivity.

The micro inputs can be awarded priority over all the other inputs and the first micro input has priority over the remaining three. In addition to the volume control, the micro inputs feature a “voice” control and the facility to activate a 24V phantom power supply.
M12X4 sound system mixer
The mixer also features 4 stereo line inputs on double RCA connectors for music sources, activated by means of a dedicated selector, with volume and tone controls. Outputs are two XLR type for the right and left channels with independent volume controls and a mono/stereo selection function. The output facilities are completed by two stereo outputs, one of which for recording.