The MXA 3240 Integrated Mixer Amplifier is a sound system integrated mixing amplifier with 120W and an output for selected zones. MXA 3240 Integrated Mixer Amplifier Features

MXA 3240 Integrated Mixer sound system
– 2 balanced/unbalanced microphone inputs with phantom power supply
– Microphone input or microphone stations of the MBT 1000 range
– 2 MIC/PH/LINE inputs with specific selector switch
– 2 auxiliary inputs for sound sources (TAPE/CD)
– Telephone/emergency audio input for priority calls with adjustable threshold and sensitivity
– Front-panel adjustment of the level of each microphone and auxiliary input
– Front-panel control of overall volume and of treble and bass tones
– Provisions for inserting via the front panel a USB/SD CARD module ( )
– Constant voltage (50/70/100 V) or 8 impedance loudspeaker line output
– 3 output lines for zones
– Balanced line output for connection to other amplifiers
– Output/input for connection to audio processors
– LED-type Vu meter for clear and immediate reading of power emitted
– Micro-switches for setting operating modes
– Includable/excludable speech filters on all microphone inputs
– Contacts for activating input precedence and override
– “Music On Hold” output with output level control (output of the selected auxiliary signal)
– Alerting signal (chime) with level control
– Front-panel keys for selecting music listening zones
– Selectable mains power supply – 230/115 VAC or 24 VDC