The MDS 1000 ( MDS1240 ) compact systems combine a reliable amplifier, an MP3 player, an SD/MMC card drive a USB socket for connection to external storage units and a digital FM tuner in a single piece of equipment that also features a range of functions typical of sound-broadcasting systems.

The XLR sockets on the rear panel can be separately configured as microphone inputs (with or without phantom power supply) or as line inputs.
The operating mode can be selected by means of the specific three-position switches above the sockets.
Each of these inputs has its own level control so as to be able to adjust the amplitude of the various different signals suitably.
MDS1240 MDS 1000 compact systems
  •  n°1 VOX input (MIC/LINE 1)
  • n°1 auxiliary input for sound sources (TAPE/CD)
  • XLR sockets for connection to dynamic microphones and/or MBT 6400S microphone bases
  • Terminal strip for speakers output (25-70-100V/4ohm)
  • Terminal strip for external 24 Vdc power supply
  • Terminal strip for microphone precedence
  • Possibility to connect an external equalizer and/or booster
  • Selectable mains power (230/120Vac)