The MCSL006/TWP is an IP55-rated (ingress protection rated) professional ceiling loudspeaker for public address and background music installations in damp, humid environments such as changing rooms, bathrooms or even outdoors in protected areas.

The MCSL006/TWP is a weather-proof ABS in-ceiling speaker with a power of 100V

MCSL006/TWP IP55-rated professional ceiling

The MCSL006 6 Watt ceiling speaker IP-rating guarantees a level of protection against moisture and particle ingress which will ensure it remains safe and dry (and therefore, functioning) in both damp and high dust environments.

The speaker’s one piece construction and quick fit spring mounting system complete a versatile package. It features power output tappings of 6, 3 and 1.5 watts allowing for different volume setting per loudspeaker, dependent on the requirements and positioning in the room.