MB-T 8000 is a Sound System, The microphone bases in the MB-T 8000 series feature a plastic body with a metal base. These products stand out for their high sensitivity and wide frequency response and the microphones feature a cardioid polar curve.

The bases are equipped with a functional 3-position switch, ON push-to-lock, OFF and push-to talk ON as well as an emergency button.

MB-T 8000 Sound System microphone plastic body metal base
• Pre-amplified (output OdBu)
• Dynamics compressor to ensure optimal level of clarity
• Internal message generator to indicate the start and end of microphone messages and for an emergency signal
• Option to control priority (music off)
• Management of 4 or 8 zones independently, depending on the model, and general calls
• For the management of a larger number of zones, upon request