MAB50R/MAB100R it’s a fire alarm system, Two versions of the intelligent addressable loop powered reflective beam detectors are available in this range, the (MAB50R) with a range of up to 50 metres and the (MAB100R) with a range of 50 to 100 meters.

Both the (MAB50R) and the (MAB100R) are compatible with the Cooper range of intelligent addressable fire systems.

These intelligent addressable loop powered reflective beam detectors are extremely simple to install, they require no separate power supply, operate on a reflective principle and have a simple set up mode to enable easy and quick alignment during installation.

These units are designed to replace individual point detectors in large open areas such as warehouses.

Fire and fault conditions are signalled to the control panel using standard loop wiring so no additional interconnection required.

MAB50R/MAB100R fire alarm intelligent addressable loop powered beam detectors


• Loop powered
• Soft addressed
• Integral short circuit Isolator
• Single address
• Reflective beam detection
• Two ranges available
– up to 50m
– up to 100m


• Quick and simple to setup
• Saves on both time and installation costs
• No power supply required
• Single device to install instead of numerous point detectors
• Single point of maintenance
• Wall mounted for ease of maintenance, especially in warehouses with racking


1.Must be fixed to solid structure.
2. Recommended mounting height is 0.3 to 0.6 metres below the ceiling.
3. Cables can be terminated into separate termination box (not supplied) or use purpose designed mounting bracket (MRBFP) ordered separately.
4. Mounting bracket has facilities for glanding of incoming cables plus simple fixing of beam detector.
5. Test filter is supplied with detector to simulate required smoke obscuration level and confirm correct operation.

User Interface

1. Beam detectors status LEDs
• Red LED constantly illuminated indicates fire condition.
• Flashing amber LED indicates fault condition

System Functionality

1. Beam detectors have 3 modes:
• Prism targeting mode – designed to provide simple initial alignment of beam and reflector assembly.
• Alignment mode – Enables accurate fine tuning of beam alignment without the need for additional calibration equipment or a second operator.
• Normal running mode