LCU Light Controller Unit

The LCU Light Control Unit is an Intercall Nurse call designed for the control of mains voltage lighting circuits when used in conjunction with HD range of handset units. This allows the bed light and Nursecall to be operated from a single HD1 portable handset unit. The unit requires a connection to the Handset and must be used in conjunction with the L622HL Call Point using the 3 contact jack socket.

The maximum lamp load for the LCU is 80Watts [Resistive load only] and the switching voltage is 220-240VAC. The unit is fitted with a monitor LED which indicates when the light channel is on or off. All mains wiring should be provided in accordance with the current edition of the IEE Wiring Regulations, or in accordance with the relevant national wiring regulations.

LCU Light Control Unit Intercall Nurse call voltage lighting circuits conjunction with HD range

Network Terminals:

Connect to the Intercall Network. [+, –] OBSERVE POLARITY

S1 Terminal:

Input from handset light button

Red LED:

Light on / off monitor.


Flush or surface mount in standard ‘single size’ electrical backbox.

Light Switching:


Light Voltage:

MAXIMUM 240Volts

Lamp Type:

Resistive Load (Incandescent Lights Only)


Unit MUST be connected to mains electrical earth.

Size & Weights:

80 x 80 x 40 mm, 70g