L758 Audio Display Unit

L758 Audio Display Unit is an  Intercall Nurse call required in every location where calls are to be shown, the alarm is to sound and the intercom facility is required. It features a two line LCD display with back-light, multi-level adjustable alarm, full two-way intercom facility to Audio call points and voice page facility to other displays and call points.

It is capable of sounding a different tone for selected call points (doors, drug cupboards, telephone, etc) and only displaying specific call points (Zoning) if required. More information can be found from page 51. There is an open collector output which can be connected to trigger external equipment such as pagers, lamps and sounders. All displays are identical but can be configured on site to operate independently. The unit flush mounts into a standard double gang backbox or may be surface mounted using the Intercall BB1.

Network Terminals:

Connect to the Intercall 700 (4 wire) Network. [+, -,A,B] Additional terminals are provided for the Belden screen drain wire termination – Observe Polarity!

ZO, Z1, Z2:

Connect to zone switch or wire link (See ‘Zone Switch Connection’ Below)

OC Output Terminal:

Open collector output active continuously when the alarm is sounding. Note: Rating 12VDC 100mA. Minimum [ON] resistance = 100 Ohms. The OC terminal may be used to trigger an external device directly, which will accept this type of input. Alternatively you may connect this terminal to a RB1 Relay Board which will provide normally open & normally closed ‘dry’ contacts.

Night Alarm Setting:

This controls the alarm volume when in ‘night’ mode.

Day Alarm Setting:

This controls the alarm volume when in ‘day’ mode. To change between the ‘day’ and ‘night’ mode you will need to connect a switch to the DAY/NIGHT terminals on the Master Power supply. (See page 20)

Audio gain control:

Controls the speech level output from the display unit. This does not effect the volume from the speaker in the unit.

Menu Enable Jumper:

Remove to prevent access to the display menus and disable text download reception.

Zone Switch:

This text is intended as a technical reference only and details of zoning are discussed on page 54. When a display is required to only sound for specific call points, we need to connect a switch or permanent wire link to the ‘Z’ terminals. The following connections force the display to use the address windows that are programmed on site:

  • Z1 Not Connected, & Z2 Not Connected = Global (Sound for all calls)
  • Z1 Not Connected & Z2 Connected to ZO = Use Address Window C
  • Z1 Connected to ZO & Z2 Not Connected = Use Address Window B
  • Z1 Connected to ZO & Z2 Connected to ZO = Use Address Window A

L758 Audio Display Unit Intercall Nurse call intercom facility the alarm


Flush mount – use standard ‘double size’ electrical backbox. Surface mount use BB1. (See page 16). Connects to system two core and optional zone switch and auxiliary devices.

Sounder output:

Typical Maximum 92db@30cm.

Size & Weights:

80 x 140 x 40 mm, 200g