The L746 Overdoor light is an Intercall Nurse call may be located above a door or corridor to indicate the status of specific call points. It is fitted with Red and Green LED’s which mimic the re-assurance indicator on the call points. The unit is fully addressable and only connects to the Network.

The unit features 2 sets of DIL switches, and the unit will respond to any device between the Lower and Higher device address. The unit is available with an integral sounder as L746s.

Network Terminals:

Connect to the Intercall 600 or 700 (2 wire) Network. [+, –] OBSERVE POLARITY

OC Output Terminal:

Open collector output active continuously when the alarm is sounding. Note: Rating 12vDC 100mA. Minimum [ON] resistance = 100 Ohms. The OC terminal may be connect
to RB1 Relay Board to provide normally open & normally closed volt free contacts.

Jumper JP1:

Emergency Only Jumper – When fitted, the unit will only indicate emergency calls.

Jumper JP2:

Nurse Present Jumper – When fitted, the unit will not indicate nurse present status.

L746 Overdoor light Intercall Nurse call specific call point(s) connects to the Network

Option Drill Outs:

These are activated by carefully twisting a 3mm drill bit between the finger & thumb on the required
hole to remove the printed circuit pad and breaking the connection.
Drill Out 1 = Unit Responds to Attack Only
Drill Out 2 = Unit Responds to Emergency Only
Drill Out 3 = Unit Responds to Call Only
Drill Out 1+2 = Unit Responds to Priority Only
Drill Out 1+3 = Unit Responds to Accept & Speech Only
Drill Out 2+3 = Unit Responds to Assistance Only
Drill Out 1+2+3 & FIT JP2 & NO FIT JP1 = Unit Responds to Isolate Only & O/C Operates
Drill Out 1+2+3 & NO FIT JP1 & JP2 = Unit Responds to Presence Only & O/C Operates
Drill Out 4 = Fr Light Patterns
Drill Out 5 = Cell Call Indicator*
Drill Out 4+5 = Code Blue Option*
Drill Out 6 = Convert O/C Output to single 1 second pulse.
Drill Out 7 = Convert O/C Output to Pulsed output.
Drill Out 6+7 = Standard Call Flashes Green LED.
* – Special required to enable this feature.

L746s Sounder :

The sounder mimics the LCD display sounding patterns. (only applies to L746S)

Lower Address :

Sets the lowest call device address that the light will show.

Upper Address :

Sets the Upper call device address that the light will show. The L746 will respond to all call devices between the lower & upper addresses with the highest level of call. Overdoor light settings may overlap so that more than light will respond to several call points. If the unit is required to respond to a single call point address, set both lower and upper DIL switches to the same address.


Flush or surface mount in standard ‘single size’ electrical backbox. (See page 16). Connects
to system two core and optional ceiling pull switch and auxiliary devices.

Size & Weights:

80 x 80 x 40 mm, 70g.