Intercall L758 Audio Display Unit provides a two-way speech communication with the caller. It provides a description of the call type and the location. Different tones identify the varying call types.

L758 Audio Display Intercall speech communication

Intercall L758 Audio Display Unit’s are for use in corridors of care homes. This is because calls need to be heard and seen by the staff. The display unit allows an audio page facility to all other displays and to speech call points with staff members present. Also, a useful feature is the ‘Find Staff’ button, which allows the user to locate other staff members easily.

In addition, the sound levels are adjustable individually. Intercall L758 Audio Display Unit has a priority call display when a caller is waiting longer than a predetermined time. Also each display can be programmed to create a zoned or global system or to cover different staffing levels at day or night.

Size: 80 x 140 x 40 mm.