FJB2 Fused Junction Board

FJB2 Fused Junction Board it’s an Intercall Nurse call. The FJB2 replaces the earlier FJB1 and provides four ‘spur’ outputs from the network spine with each output incorporating a over current/voltage and reverse polarity protection device. A front panel mounted red/green LED indicates the condition of the internal fuses and continuously monitors the network data signals. Individual fuse failure LED’s are mounted on the reverse of the unit and in the event of a cable fault, on one of the outputs, the ‘spur’ will be isolated without disabling the entire cable network.

FJB2 Fused Junction Board Intercall Nurse call four ‘spur’ outputs network spine

Input / Output Terminals:

Connect to the network spine and can be daisy chaned as shown above.


The two Input/Output terminals are not protected or monitored.


Individually fused and monitored network outputs.


4 off 315mA (0.315Amp) Anti-Surge 20mm Fuses.

Status LED indications:

Flashing Green – Network healthy & All fuses ok.
Flashing Red – Immediate Network data error.
Flashing Red/Green – Historical Network Data Error. (In last 10 minutes)
Continuous Red – Fuse Failure. (Remove unit to investigate further)


Flush mount into ‘double gang’ electrical back-box. Surface mount using BB1.

Size & Weights:

160 x 115 x 20 mm, 70g