EC540 LON Range
EC541 – TCP-IP Converter, EC542 – LON Booster

The EC540 LON Range of modules includes smart switch technology, which has been tailored in these models for use with Eaton’s fire system LON network.

Their purpose is to extend the distance possible when transmitting fire system data between control fire control panels; extended transmission distances are achieved via the fire system’s LON network, with a further option to convert media from LON to TCP-IP.

The EC541 is suitable for applications where Eaton’s fire system data is required to be extended over TCP/IP. The EC542 LON Network Booster is the solution to interconnect multiple channels and provide an extension of the network.

EC540 LON smart switch technology fire system LON network

Key features

• Extends Eaton fire system network
• Plug and play
• No configuration required
• Simple to use