DPU 1125C_1250C_1500C is a Sound System. Careful design and a choice of reliable high-tech components led to the creation of this range of extremely compact Class D amplifiers, capable of functioning even in the toughest conditions and with a minimum energy consumption.

They include a diagnostics board which permits easy and rapid test of the correct unit operation and the check of the loudspeaker’s line integrity. The double output circuit with a separate control (A and B) allows realizations of redundant line plants. In case of short circuit on one of the two output lines, the damaged line will automatically be disconnected to allow the regular working of the other one.

DPU 1125C_1250C_1500C Sound System high-tech components led range of extremely compact

The CHA 1004 (Code 37711) power card-cage enables amplifier units to be installed in a standard 19′′ rack. On each cage can be installed up to 4 amplifiers DPU 1125 C and/or DPU 1250 C or up to 2 amplifiers DPU 1500 C.

The DPU amplifiers have been designed to be used with the VAIE 2250 system; they can allow to develop high power zones when they are connected to the controller VAC 2006 through a shielded cable CAT5 SFTP.
A maximum of 16 DPU units can be connected to each of the six VAC 2006 output lines (zones); a backup amplifier for each group can be set.
The independent power supply of each amplifier makes this system really reliable and fully in compliance with safety standards.