FL-RL-R-S, FL-RL-R-D – Conventional xenon sounder indicator

The Xenon sounder indicator is a Fire Alarm, an audible and visual device which requires one single installation point. This greatly reduces installation costs than two separate devices. Versions are available with the sounder and beacon linked, or with separate terminals for independent operation.

The weatherproof variant offers an ideal solution for installation in harsher environments, having a IP65 protection rating.

Note: From 31st December 2013 a new beacon standard, EN 54-23 became mandatory across Europe where Construction Product Regulation (CPR) applies. If you are in a region where this standard applies please understand that these indicators do not meet the requirements of the new standards

Xenon sounder indicator visual device Fire Alarm single installation point installation costs

Features and benefits

• High output sounder beacon
• Automatic sounder synchronisation
• Up to 103dB(A) with built in Xenon flash
• Suitable for a variety of applications
• Improved tone clarity, reducing confusion